Curriculum Tests: Results Tracker


This handy digital tracker is the simple and efficient way to record the results of Scholastic’s Curriculum Tests to get a complete picture of how your school is performing.

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In combination with Scholastics curriculum tests, this tool provides a whole-school solution to assessment and progress tracking.

– Use in combination with the Curriculum Tests to build a full record of progress from Year 2 to Year 6.
– The tracker calculates the scaled scores, so you can compare them with  the national standard.
– Track progress within year groups and classes and assess specific groups.
– Highlight areas of weakness so that your school can take effective action.
– Monitor trends with a Year Group Average for each year.
– Track progress for specific groups including boys, girls, SEN and Pupil Premium.
– Eliminate the effort of collating results manually
– Downloadable reports for parents and governors’

The tracker’s clear and sharable data lets you clearly see how individual pupils are performing over short or long timescales, allowing for effective and decisive planning.

Suitable for PC and Mac with CD-ROM drive. Requires Adobe Reader (version 9 recommended for Mac users).

One install covers multiple devices, so one purchase by a school will allow installation for each individual teacher.

ISBN: 9781407176970

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