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We have lots of resources to help you meet the requirements of the EYFS Statutory Framework.

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EYFS Lanyards

Keep the EYFS outcomes, and the Letters and Sounds, at your fingertips with our EYFS Lanyard range…

Three lanyards currently available:
– The Outcomes lanyard, including the characteristics of effective learning (also available in a 5 pack)
– Phonics phases 2 & 3, from the Letters and Sounds document
– Phonics phases 3, 4 & 5, from the Letters and Sounds document

Put it in your pocket, your bag or wear it around your neck with the free lanyard.


Resources for the 2017 Assessment Period

With the revision of the Statutory Framework, and the EYFS profile deadline of 30th June just around the corner, we’ve created this 2017 assessment pack to make sure you’re fully in line with the changes.

It contains:

One copy of the updated 2017 Statutory Framework book, as explained above.

One copy of the 2017 EYFS Profile Handbook document, combined with the 2017 Assessment and Reporting Arrangements into a single book.

This is everything you’ll need for the 2017 assessment period!

The Updated 2017 Statutory Framework

The new statutory framework was published on the 3rd March 2017, and became effective on the 3rd April 2017.

Each setting should have full copies of this document available for all practitioners.

This book contains the Outcomes and Development Matters documents, to keep all of the important information in one place.


Early Years Diaries

One of the toughest challenges as an EYFS practitioner is to foster great communication between home and the setting. This is why we created our EYFS diaries.

Designed to act as both a communication tool between parents/guardians and practitioners, and also to serve as a keepsake for the future, our diaries allow you to record the child’s activities throughout the day.

They also contain an EYFS tracker, and our Easy-Code system allows for easy referencing of this tracker in the daily diary section.

Learning Journey

A learning journey is used by many practitioners as a record of the child’s development as they pass through the EYFS. It’s a place to track what and how the child is learning.

We have created our learning journey books to be bright, interesting and simple to use. The cover is made from a thick, durable material – perfect for passing between home and the setting.

These learning journey books double as the perfect keep-sake for parents, to remember their child growing up.


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