Curriculum Assessment

Assessment without levels has left the majority of schools and teachers wondering how best to track and monitor pupils’ progress, and then how to compare this progress to the new scaled scores.

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We’re currently featuring Scholastics curriculum assessment tests to solve the current assessment problem.

Scholastic's Curriculum Tests

Scholastic have created a full range of curriculum assessment tests, to enable your school to measure attainment and track development, from Year 1 to Year 6 for each key subject.

Each subject has a test to be taken at the end of every term, so each test pack contains a Test A, a Test B and sometimes a Test C.

When used in combination with the tracker software (see below), you will have a powerful full-school solution to enable you to record and track results effectively, as well as convert them to scaled scores to compare against the national standard.


Results Tracker Software

This powerful tracker enables your school to easily record the results of every pupil in order to build up a full-school picture.

You can monitor progress across subjects, topics, year groups, key stages and various other segments such as boys, girls, SEN and pupil Premium. This allows your school to highlight key areas that need improvement, enabling you to take swift and effective action.

A great feature of this tracker is that it provides you with scaled scores to compare your pupils against the national standard.

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